Lotto Square by Leo Smetsers

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Lotto Square By Leo Smetsers

From the creative mind of Leo Smetsers comes Lotto Square. A deviously simple close-up magic/lucky square routine that you will carry with you everywhere!

Leo has been performing his Lotto Square routine for years and we are pleased he has finally decided to bring this to the magic community.

As well as receiving the beautifully custom printed Lotto scratch cards you also get an instructional DVD packed full of routines and ideas from Leo Smetsers, Peter Nardi & Marc Spelmann. Perform this as a close up “impromptu” miracle or even as part of stage act.

Example Routine

Your spectator is handed an envelope, which you state contains a prediction.
He removes a £20/$20 note form his wallet. The note is folded and placed on the table, as you explain that each note contains a unique serial number.

The spectator unfolds the note and looks at the first two numbers from that notes serial number (for instants the number 39). You explain how amazing it would be if that in the envelope you had correctly predicted the number 39. When you spectators open the envelope they find inside a scratch card with 16 squares.
You then say you forgot to mention that you have given yourself 16 chances to get their number right as you’re not that good!

Your spectator now starts to scratch the squares away looking for the number 39 but it’s not there. Looking a bit surprised and just about to accept defeat you notice something unusual. By adding the four numbers on the first row you actually get the number 39! Hang on it’s the same on the 2nd, 3rd & 4throw. It’s also the same on the columns, the four corners and in fact there are over 20 different combinations to get to their number!
Do not under estimate the power that this type of effect has on your spectators. The fact that they scratch the card themselves adds so much to the effect. They also get to keep the card as a souvenir!

Easy To Do

Multiple handlings explained

Repeatable with different outcomes

**Comes complete with 60 special Lotto Square scratch cards & Instructional DVD

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