Leo’s Steel Ball



Leo’s Steel Ball is the perfect routine to use with Your PK or Neo Ring.Based on Max Mavens classic Kurotsuke plot.


A cloth bag is introduced and shown to contains five small balls (four green & one white). The balls are freely mixed in the bag and five spectators are each requested to reach in to the bag and remove a ball. No one part from the spectator knows which colour ball they are holding. Your job as the Mentalist is to find the target white ball. By apparently using a mixture psychology and body language reading you are able to correctly reveal who has the green ball each and every time.

Steel Ball comes with the cloth bag, four white balls and one very special steel cored white ball. All you need to add is your PK or Neo ring (not supplied) and you have a great pack small, play big effect that you can use in any performing situation from close-up to stage



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