Harmonica Cups and Balls set (aluminum)


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These aluminum harmonica cups and balls are a dream for every magician and a first class innovation. The cups are foldable and return to normal size in no time.

All cups are handmade and polished in different ways, after it’s finish on the lathe, which leads to a perfect and stunning result. A unique feature is the rubber band around the cup. It offers a firm grip, but can also be removed easily. You can carry the harmonica cups in the pocket of your jacket or pants, or even in the handkerchief pocket of your jacket.

These aluminum harmonica cups and balls are a highly professional magic prop and have a diameter of 6,4 cm (2,6 inch), is 7 cm high (2,8 inch) and weigh in at 138 grams each.

The Harmonica Cups comes with a free set of four balls (value: € 30,-).


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