Coffee Cup Chop Cups


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A HollandTricks Original

Leo Smetsers’ Coffee Cup Chop Cup

Magicians from all over the world fascinate their audiences with routines using just a cup and a ball. Chop Cups come in all sorts of sizes and materials, but usually they look like magic props. Now from the creative mind of one of Hollands most profilic magic artists, Leo Smetsers, comes a cup so innocent looking your audiance will beleive you picked it up on your way to the show!

In your pack you will recieve a completely innocent and normal looking cardboard coffee-cup (the type you get your take away coffee in) but it is not as innocent as you would think and even more important, as your spectators thinks it is.

With this special Coffee Cup Chop Cup you can perform all classic Chop Cup routines and make them look more magical than ever.

Magic with innocent looking and everydays objects is the strongest magic you can do. Well, here is your chance to perform one of the most intriguing effects in magic with the most innocent and unsuspicious prop you could ever wish for!

Leo Smetsers’ Coffee Cup Chop Cup comes in a nice box to protect it during transport and you also receive two spare Coffee Chop Cups and two wonderful balls (one of them is loaded with a magnet), so you can start proforming this amazing effect the moment you open the box!

Leo Smetser’s Coffee Chop Cup is a must for the working magician!!! Suitable for adults as well as kids, from table-hopping to stage!

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