Bullet (case only)


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When you watch Leo perform the 3 shell game it’s like watching a gunslinger draw with frightening precision and speed. The 3 shell game is one of the world’s best magic effects and scam demonstrations and Leo’s exclusive and original designs coupled with his personal technique make his 3 shell game one of the finest on the market today.
Leo’s latest design has a thinner wall to make the moves even easier to perform and now come in the custom manufacture Bullet Case.
The Bullet case serves two purposes. The first to secure house your 3 shell game and secondly the tip of the bullet acts as the shell cover for the final phase.
The Bullet 3 Shell game is a unique product and is sold in two forms. Bullet only (if you already own a Smetsers 3 Shell) or the complete custom kit!
Get your Bullet 3 Shell Game before they sell out faster than a bullet from a gun!

*This product does not include the 3 Shell game itself.


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