silver three shell game


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Leo Smesters is proud to present the most beautiful collectors version of his Three Shell Game that will ever be created. This set is been personally commissioned by Leo and there will only ever be 16 sets produced. Each shell is made from Sterling Silver and each shell has a beautiful etched patter covering it’s entire body.

Your beautiful collectors Three Shell Game is not only a wonderful display item but a wise investment. Each set comes ready to display in a beautiful wooden display box with a metal plaque and each set is numbered.

These sets are exquisite and truly unique

*Please note in each shipment we receive three sets and will continue to do so until the 16 sets have been manufactured. Once the 16 sets have been made the moulds will be destroyed ensuring no more will ever be made, so your investment is safe.

*Please note due to the nature of silver we would recommend not using these in performance but if you wish to use them they will function perfectly.

**Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received. To get on the waiting list for your Collectors Three Shell Game, place your order today!

silver three shell game


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