Leo Smetsers Harmonica Chop Cup Finale (solid cup) complete set



If you don’t already own the super flexible Harmonica Chop cup, a complete set of everything you need including the original cup, the balls, egg load and solid finale is on offer for 100 euro


At last, a wonderful finish to your chop cup routine is now available that matches the popular Harmonica Chop Cup from Leo Smetsers.

The finish of a chop cup routine is always strong but the final line of “and they don’t even fit in the cup” is slightly anti climatic. Now the same line can take your routine to a new level.

A solid rubber harmonica chop cup, indistinguishable from the original and weighing only 210g means you have and superb finale they will all be talking about. It’s easy to take with you, and easy to switch in. Leo provides you a free download with his own routine and handling.  It’s a real world worker for sure!

solid chopcup compleet set



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